Safer Payments

Ticket Payments

Safer Payments for your Ticket Events with Vendreo Pay.

Safely process Ticket Payments in an instant in the safest and most secure way available. 

Provide safer payments, earn customers’ trust and encourage payments with the safety and ease of Vendreo Pay. By connecting directly to your customers’ Mobile Banking App, you can ensure a seamless and frictionless customer journey and purchase.

Save money on handling cash transactions, plus credit card and debit card fees.

Vendreo Pay works seamlessly for Event Tickets and for services such as Transport, Vehicle Road and Bridge Tolls, and Parking. The payment of fines such as Penalty Charge Notices can also be improved amd made more secure.

Instant ticket payments


Instant Ticket Payments with Vendreo Pay

Safer Payments

Receive instant Ticket Payments with Vendreo Pay and create a seamless, instant, and trustworthy customer buying journey.

Ideal for Government and Council services where security and speed of transaction are vital.

Reduces the risk of credit card and debit card fraud

Instant ticket payments


Vendreo Subscriptions

Safer Payments

Increase the lifetime value of your customer with Vendreo’s Recurring Payment Subscription services. 

Package your products, offer recurring services, and build more predictable income.


Cutting Out Fraud & Cutting Down Fees

Ensure Security. Save on Fees.

Give your customers the benefit of safety and security with their online ticket purchases. Increase trust, increase sales. Save on typical fees and reduce your costs to maximise your profits.

Vendreo Pay is an ideal and cost-effective payment method for event ticket payments, government services, parking tickets and much more.

Instant settlement to your bank account

Instant refunds to customers when required

Zero commission fees

Great support

Reduces the risk of fraud


Frequently Asked Questions

About Vendreo Pay for Tickets & Events

People typically pay for tickets through an online payment gateway which takes payment from their credit card or debit card.

More advanced methods such as Vendreo Pay use Open Banking technology in conjunction with the customer’s online banking app on their device.

With Vendreo, ticket refunds can be processed instantly and directly to the customer bank account.

Normal online payment gateways may charge a monthly fee, a transaction commission, and a transaction fee.

Vendreo Pay costs from just £10 per month plus £0.20 per transaction. It is probably the most cost-effective payment processing solution available.