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Increase product sales and transactions, lower costs and put your customers at ease with the safest and most secure ecommerce website payment option services available. 

Vendreo Pay is your starting point in the world on online card payments.

Affording your customers the choice of a future-proofed and secure payment option on your site will ensure you don’t miss any transactions due to consumer uncertainty at checkout.

For you, the merchant, enjoy almost instant payment settlements from your ecommerce store sales. Vendreo Pay is the payment processor that can send funds directly from your customer straight to your business bank account with no transaction delays and low commissions.

For an online shopping customer, Vendreo Pay offers increased security when making a purchase, plus a more streamlined and faster checkout process.

Vendreo Pay is probably the most cost-effective online payment processing solution available, with a low transaction charge, and low commission transaction fees. Save money on expensive processing fees for visa, mastercard or amex credit cards and debit cards.

Open Banking Ecommerce payment gateway


Vendreo eCommerce

Streamlined Transactions

Receive payments to your bank account from your online store using Vendreo Pay.

Lowest pricing, no holding accounts, no delays, low commissions, no waiting, instant transfer of funds. The best option for your eCommerce checkout.

Open Banking Ecommerce payment gateway


Vendreo eCommerce

Streamlined Transactions

Receive instant payments using Open Banking from Vendreo OpenPay.

Vendreo OpenPay instantly transacts from your customers’ chosen banking app, directly into your company account.

No holding accounts, no delays, no waiting. 


Safer Payments with Vendreo

Safety for your Business

Vendreo Pay can use the range of biometric ID checks of the customers own mobile banking app to confirm that the payment is genuine. No credit card or debit card fraud, no chargebacks, full protection for both consumers and merchants.

Your company can safely sell products, memberships, courses, and monthly subscriptions with zero fuss.

Rather than simply relying on credit card and debit card sales, Vendreo Pay opens up a new demographic of customer to your store.

Eliminate Fraud with Vendreo
Frictionless Journey with Vendreo


Frictionless Payment Flow

Minimising User Input

The Vendreo Pay flow is frictionless, user input is minimised, completion ratios maximised. This is one of the most streamlined and simple to use online payment method tools available.

A unique and secure checkout experience for your customers builds trust and encourages return product sales.

For the Merchant, discover the advantage of a user-friendly interface to ease recurring subscription payments and instant payouts or refunds to your users when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

About eCommerce Payment Gateways

An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that enables businesses to accept online payments from customers wanting to buy online. This service provides a secure connection between the business and the customer’s bank, allowing the customer to make a payment using their credit card or debit card.

A typical ecommerce platform will allow shoppers to add products or services into a shopping cart or basket, then to proceed to a secure checkout.

The payment gateway then processes the payment and deposits the funds into the business’s account. There are many different payment gateway providers, and each one offers different features and benefits.

Popular credit card and debit card payment services include PayPal, Stripe and Klarna. All these 3, however, are more expensive than the Vendreo system – and do not offer instant transfer of funds.

An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that allows merchants to accept credit card and other electronic payments over the internet, allowing an internet shopper to buy. A payment gateway typically works by encrypting sensitive information and transaction data, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that it is not intercepted by unauthorised parties. The payment gateway then forwards the information to the appropriate financial institution for processing.

There are a number of different types of ecommerce payment gateways, but they all typically work in a similar manner.

Typically, a merchant will need to apply for and maintain an ecommerce merchant account with the provider.

There are many benefits of using an ecommerce payment gateway.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it allows customers to make purchases online without having to provide their credit card or debit card information to the merchant.

An online shopper can buy a product or service quickly and securely.

This can be a great way to increase sales, as customers may be more likely to make a purchase if they do not have to enter their sensitive information.

Additionally, using a payment gateway can help to reduce fraud for retailers, as the gateway will typically have fraud protection and prevention measures in place.

There are a number of risks associated with using an online shopping payment gateway. Perhaps the most significant risk is the possibility of data breaches and theft. If a payment gateway is not properly secured, hackers may be able to gain access to sensitive customer information, including credit card numbers and bank account information. This can lead to identity theft and financial fraud.

There are a few different types of fees that are associated with using an online shopping ecommerce payment gateway.

The first type of fee is a transaction fee. This is a fee that is charged for each transaction that is processed through the gateway. Often, different rates are applied depending on the different types of credit cards and debit cards.

The second type of fee is a monthly fee. This is a fee that is charged every month, regardless of how many ecommerce transactions are processed.

The third type of fee is an ecommerce setup fee.

There are many different ecommerce payment gateways available, and the most popular ones vary depending on the country or region.

In the United States, the most popular ecommerce payment gateway is PayPal, followed by Stripe and

In Europe, the most popular ecommerce payment gateway is Sage Pay, followed by PayPal, WorldPay and Stripe.

In Asia, the most popular ecommerce payment gateway is Alipay, followed by UnionPay and Tenpay.

Additional payment methods are provided by Apple, Google, and Amazon.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best ecommerce payment gateway for your business will depend on a number of factors, including the size and type of your business, your sales volume, the average order value of your orders, and your shipping methods.

Some things to consider are:

  1. Setup fee. Vendreo does not charge for setup.
  2. Transaction Fees. This can vary amongst providers and between diffent credit cards and debit cards. Vendreo charges from just £0.20 per transaction.
  3. Monthly Fee. Vendreo charges from just £10 per month.
  4. Settlement Speed. Many providers can take up to 7-10 days to send payment to your company bank account. Vendreo Pay settles instantly via bank transfer.
  5. Ease of Setup. Most providers require a complicated process to apply for and setup a merchant account. Vendreo advanced services offer convenience and make things simple.
  6. Security. Using Open Banking technology, Vendreo Pay utilises the same 2-factor authentification and biometric security as used by your customers’ Online Banking Apps.
  7. Location. Keep in mind which countries and currencies will your payment solutions need to operate in? Do you operate soley in the UK, or to European countries, or even to the US, Canada, or as far as Australia and even the entire World?
  8. Support. Will your team receive the support they need, in the time they need?
  9. Flexibility. Consider the type of sales you wish to process. A flexible solution should cope with product sales using credit cards or debit cards, recurring subscriptions, gift card purchases, memberships, charity donations and more.
  10. Behaviour. Consider how your target audience typically buy online.

With everything taken into consideration, there is no good reason for not adding Vendreo to your checkout payment options.

Vendreo works seamlessly with WooCommerce and Ecwid. Integration with each platform is quick and easy to setup. Whether you’re using WooCommerce or Ecwid, you’re guaranteed to see immediate benefits.

Using the Vendreo API, developers can integrate with any ecommerce platform, terminal or shopping carts.

There are many types of payments that can be processed through a payment gateway on ecommerce stores. The most common type are credit card payments or debit card payments.

Other types of payments that can be processed through a payment gateway include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, ACH payments, eCheck payments and PayPal payments.

Yes you can! In fact, best-practice on eCommerce checkouts recommends a choice of payment software solutions for your users to make a purchase once items have been added to a cart or basket.

A successful UK ecommerce website will normally include the following to take money from shoppers:

  • A Credit/Debit Card processor such as Stripe and/or PayPal. These may include the ability to take payment through Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • An Open Banking direct transfer solution such as Vendreo Pay
  • A ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ solution such as Klarna