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Trade and accept Card Payments from anywhere in the world. Step into the fast lane and extend your reach with Vendreo Pay.

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Vendreo Pay

Instant Acceptance.

Vendreo Pay.

Vendreo Pay offers you instant vetting and acceptance, thereby streamlining online payments and facilitating business growth.

Designed to overcome the tedious waiting periods often associated with traditional financial transactions, Vendreo Pay significantly accelerates transaction speeds.

Online Payments made simple.

Cheaper than Stripe & PayPal.

Businesses are poised to benefit from its affordable transaction fee structure that significantly undercuts traditional providers such as Stripe and PayPal.

The absence of monthly fees, combined with low charges on international card usage, recurring transactions, chargebacks, and UK bank transfers means you retain more of your hard-earned income.

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  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Worldpay
  • Shopify
  • Square

Cost Comparison

Vendreo Pay
Vendreo Pay
Vendreo Pay
Vendreo Pay
Vendreo Pay
Vendreo Pay
Monthly Fees
None None None from £19.00 Inc. in Shopify fee None
Per Transaction Fee
15p 20p 30p 20p 25p 25p
UK Card % Fee
1.2% 1.5% - 1.9% 1.2% - 2.9% up to 2.75% 1.5% - 2% 1.4%
International Card % Fee
2.25% - 3.25% 2.5% - 3.25% 1.29% - 1.99% None + 2% 2.5%
Recurring Transaction Fee
0.4% + 0.5% 2.9% None 3% - 3.5% None
Chargeback Fee
£20 £20 £15 £15 £15 None
Transfer Fee (to UK banks)
None 1% - N/A N/A 1.5%
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Fast Online Card-Processing

Vendreo Pay.

The introduction of Vendreo Pay offers a compelling alternative. This innovative platform is transforming the digital payments sphere by providing instant sign-up and immediate card processing capabilities.

With an emphasis on security, Vendreo Pay ensures that all transactions are not only fast but also safe and secure.

The utilisation of advanced encryption technologies underscores our commitment to safeguarding sensitive customer information. By employing a comprehensive risk-management strategy that protects both merchants and consumers from potential fraud, your transactions have never been safer.

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Key Features.

Vendreo Pay offers fast and secure online transactions, empowering businesses with efficient payment processing solutions.

Vendreo Pay eliminates waiting periods and provides instant vetting and acceptance for online payments.

Compared to alternative payment solutions like Stripe or PayPal, Vendreo Pay offers competitively low fees, maximising profits for businesses.

Vendreo Pay is a fully featured payment processing solution that is affordable, efficient, and easy to integrate.

Receive funds from all major credit and debit cards, e-wallets and open banking apps in an instant.

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Safe and secure payments through SMS and Mobile Open Banking Apps.

Secure regular subscription payments with the guaranteed safety of your customers sensitive information. 

Annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly recurring payments backed by safe and secure payment processing.

Convenient one-click payment processing for ease of use, encouraging customer retention.

Vendreo Pay

Offer more ways to pay Online.

Cover all payment options and offer more ways to pay.

Navigating the digital world of transactions doesn’t have to be complicated. We bring to you an all-in-one payment solution, engineered for every business, big or small.

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Vendreo Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

As main benefactor of Vendreo Pay is the instant vetting and acceptance, it is purposely designed for low-risk business types and models, serving industries with a simple ownership structure. 

For typically ‘higher-risk’ business models and industries, we utilise our Vendreo DirectPay solution. This is tailored towards higher-risk industries, ensuring that acceptance is still available.

Vendreo Pay employs advanced security protocols, including encryption technologies and real-time fraud detection systems, to safeguard online transactions. It ensures secure processing while adhering to international data protection and privacy standards.

By adding the complimentary Vendreo OpenPay solution, security is even further enhanced with biometric checks.

Vendreo Pay does not impose a pre-set transaction limit, offering businesses the flexibility to process high-volume transactions. However, certain safeguards may be in place to mitigate risks associated with large-scale money transfers.

Indeed, Vendreo Pay accommodates recurring payments and subscriptions. Its sophisticated system ensures seamless management of regular transactions, offering a crucial service for businesses relying on subscription-based or recurring revenue models.

Vendreo Pay is a globally supported payment processing solution, catering to the needs of businesses worldwide. Its international card transaction fee ranges between 2.25% – 3.25%, indicating its comprehensive global reach and acceptance.

Global & Multi-Currency Payments Made Simple.

Accept payments from all over the world, in a variety of currencies, with Vendreo's Global Payment Solutions.

Any Currency. Anywhere.

Never miss a sale with Vendreo Global Pay.

Vendreo Pay