What is a Subscription Payment? The definitive guide

Subscription Payments

What is a Subscription Payment? The definitive guide

A subscription payment is a contract in which products, services, or shares are sold regularly rather than individually.

If your company sells subscriptions, you may automate your billing process using recurring invoices.

Most subscription payments require buyers to sign contracts or agree to specific terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may all detail the length of the subscription, a renewal mechanism, a cancellation policy, payment terms, and use or quantity restrictions.

Subscription Payment Types

Although magazines and newspapers were the first to employ the subscription payment business model, it is currently used in many industries and marketplaces. How subscriptions are managed has evolved since different organisations adopted the subscription model.

Subscriptions come in a variety of forms, including:

Subscription for fixed use

The fixed-use subscription model charges a fixed price for a fixed quantity of products or services delivered over a specific period.

Magazine subscriptions, for example, are frequently given on a fixed subscription basis, in which a client pays a specified amount upfront to get a magazine at regular intervals, generally weekly or monthly, for a set length of time.

Subscription with unlimited use

The unlimited usage subscription model charges a flat fee for unrestricted access to a product or service.

Personal usage, such as a gym membership that provides unlimited access to gym facilities, can be transferable, such as a phone contract subscription that offers unlimited calls and messages to a complete family across several devices.


This strategy, also known as the convenience model or no-commitment billing, allows clients to purchase items or services regularly without making a long-term commitment. Customers have the option to discontinue their membership at any time.

Subscription ‘beauty boxes’ and similar firms have popularised the pay-as-you-go subscription model, in which users pay monthly and receive a monthly delivery of beauty items.

The freemium model

The freemium model, commonly employed by websites and cloud service providers, provides free access to specific amounts of material while charging users for extra content or premium capabilities.

Some music streaming services, for example, provide freemium subscriptions; while anybody may listen to music online, only paying users can store playlists and listen offline.

Advantages of the Subscription Model

The subscription model helps both the businesses that use it and the people who purchase it.

Business advantages include:

Predictable revenue: While customers can cancel their subscriptions, the terms and conditions and a fixed fee allow firms to estimate revenue and income, making financial planning easier.

Customer loyalty: The subscription model has also been shown to boost average customer lifetime value (ACLV) by allowing for upselling and cross-selling of other products or services.

Customers that subscribe receive the following benefits:

Convenience: Instead of making repeated payments, a consumer can set up a single, one-time transaction.

Cost: Subscription services can be less expensive than non-recurring models, and users save bank charges/transaction costs that would otherwise be incurred with several one-time payments.

Subscription to a stock

A stock subscription is a contract or legal arrangement in which an investor buys shares of a company’s stock on a regular basis over a certain period of time. Stock subscriptions are often made available to the company’s executives and staff, with no brokerage costs or charges.

This decreased pricing is advantageous to the employee and provides them with a financial stake in the firm. Stock subscriptions help businesses avoid staff turnover by providing employees with an incentive and reason to stay with the company. It also represents a consistent, if typically modest, stream of cash.

Subscriptions and billing

If you sell subscriptions or have clients who make frequent, repeat purchases, recurring invoicing automates the process of preparing and sending invoices, making it easier to bill and collect payment from your consumers.

Vendreo Pay and Subscription Payments

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