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Merchant accounts for dating websites

With over 1.7 million British people using popular dating apps and sites, online dating is now more popular than ever and, as a result, a thriving industry. Finding a merchant account for a dating company might be difficult since some suppliers still consider the business to be “adult” and hence high risk.

Why are dating sites considered high risk?

Due to a history of chargebacks in the business, payment account providers consider dating websites and apps to be high risk. Users frequently sign up for a subscription-based service for a specified amount of time and then either desire to cancel or forget to terminate the contract, resulting in chargebacks. CLICK HERE for advice on reducing chargebacks.

Obtaining a dating site merchant account

Although some mainstream account providers and banks will not accept applications for dating card processing, other, more specialised account providers and institutions will. Merchant account providers for dating sites and other high-risk businesses are continually monitoring their risk tolerance, so they may withdraw from certain regions at any moment. If you have received warning from your present supplier, please notify our experts. If you are a more established firm with large turnover and transaction volumes, it may be worthwhile to have more than one merchant account backing your business to avoid the danger of being unable to trade if your account is closed for any reason.

Payment gateways for online dating

A high risk payment gateway is required to handle dating payments online as one-time or recurring subscriptions. The payment gateway operates by encrypting client card information to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. When paying what might be a pricey monthly charge, having a safe and efficient dating site or app payment channel develops client confidence. Check out our guide to identifying the finest payment gateways for your current and future needs.

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